Function swap reference parameters Learn programming C#




Function swap reference parameters


Create a function named "Swap" to swap the values of two integer numbers, which are passed by reference.

An example of use might be:

int x=5, y=3;
Swap(ref x, ref y);
Console.WriteLine("x={0}, y={1}", x, y);
(which should write "x=3, y=5")


using System;
public class exercise106
    public static void Swap(ref int x, ref int y)
        int swap;

        swap = x;
        x = y;
        y = swap;

    public static void Main()
        int x = 5;
        int y = 3;

        Swap(ref x, ref y);

        Console.WriteLine("x: {0} , y: {1}", x, y);

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