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Float, speed units


Create a C# program to ask the user for a distance (in meters) and the time taken (as three numbers: hours, minutes, seconds), and display the speed, in meters per second, kilometers per hour, and miles per hour (hint: 1 mile = 1609 meters).


using System;
'Float, speed units
public class Exercise58
    public static void Main()
        float distance;
        float hour, min, sec;

        float timeSec;
        float mps;
        float kph, mph;

        Console.Write("Enter distance(meters): ");
        distance = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
        Console.Write("Enter timeSec(hour): ");
        hour = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
        Console.Write("Enter timeSec(minutes): ");
        min = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());
        Console.Write("Enter timeSec(seconds): ");
        sec = Convert.ToSingle(Console.ReadLine());

        timeSec = (hour * 3600) + (min * 60) + sec;
        mps = distance / timeSec;
        kph = (distance / 1000.0f) / (timeSec / 3600.0f);
        mph = kph / 1.609f;

        Console.WriteLine("Your speed in meters/sec is {0}", mps);
        Console.WriteLine("Your speed in km/h is {0}", kph);
        Console.WriteLine("Your speed in miles/h is {0}", mph);

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