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ArrayList of Points


Create a structure named "Point3D" to represent a point in 3D space with coordinates X, Y, and Z.

Create a program that has a menu where the user can:

Add data for one point
Display all the entered points
Exit the program
The program should use ArrayLists instead of arrays.


package Point3D;
import java.util.*;
public class Main
	public final static class Point3D
		private double x, y, z;

		public Point3D clone()
			Point3D varCopy = new Point3D();

			varCopy.x = this.x;
			varCopy.y = this.y;

			return varCopy;

	public static void main(String[] args)
		boolean exit = false;

		ArrayList list = new ArrayList();
		Point3D points = new Point3D();

		String answer;
			System.out.println("1. Add data for one point");
			System.out.println("2. Display all the entered points");
			System.out.println("x. Display all the entered points");
			System.out.print("Enter a option: ");
			answer = new Scanner(;

			if (answer.toLowerCase().equals("x"))
				exit = true;
			else if (answer.equals("1"))
				System.out.print("Point x: ");
				list.add(Integer.parseInt(new Scanner(;

				System.out.print("Point y: ");
				list.add(Integer.parseInt(new Scanner(;

				System.out.print("Point z: ");
				list.add(Integer.parseInt(new Scanner(;
		} while (!exit);

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