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Create a program to split a file (of any kind) into pieces of a certain size. It must receive the name of the file and the size as parameters. For example, it can be used by typing:

split myFile.exe 2000

If the file "myFile.exe" is 4500 bytes long, that command would produce a file named "myFile.exe.001" that is 2000 bytes long, another file named "myFile.exe.002" that is also 2000 bytes long, and a third file named "myFile.exe.003" that is 500 bytes long.


Imports System
Imports System.IO
Public Class splitFile
    Public Shared Sub Main(ByVal args As String())
        Dim myFile As FileStream
        Dim myNewFile As FileStream
        Dim nameFile As String
        Dim BUFFER_SIZE As Integer
        Dim amountRead As Integer
        Dim count As Integer = 1

        If args.Length = 2 Then
            nameFile = args(0)
            BUFFER_SIZE = Convert.ToInt32(args(1))
            Dim data As Byte() = New Byte(BUFFER_SIZE - 1) {}

                myFile = File.OpenRead(nameFile)

                    amountRead = myFile.Read(data, 0, BUFFER_SIZE)
                    myNewFile = File.Create(nameFile & count.ToString("000"))
                    myNewFile.Write(data, 0, amountRead)
                    count += 1
                Loop While amountRead = BUFFER_SIZE

            Catch fileError As Exception
                Console.WriteLine("ERROR has ocurred while executing: " & fileError.Message)
            End Try
            Console.WriteLine("The parameters are incorrects")
            Console.WriteLine("usage: splitfile namefile sizeinbytes")
        End If
    End Sub
End Class

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