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Pascal to Java translator - Practice Exercises Java

Lesson 8:

File management

Exercise 8.15:

Pascal to Java translator


Create a basic Pascal to Java translator. It will accept program such as:

example program;

i: integer;
max: integer;

writeLn('How many times?');
for i := 1 to max do

The steps you must follow are:
Read from beginning to end a text file, whose name will be entered by the user in command line or in an interactive way: up to 2 points.

Dump the contents to another text file, whose name will be the same, but with ".cs" extension instead of ".pas": up to 4 points.

Replace "WriteLn" with "Console.WriteLine", " = "with "==", " := " with "=", simple quotes with double quotes, "begin" with "{" and "end;", "end.", "end" (in that order) with "}", : up to 6 points.

Replace "program x;" with "class x {" followed with "Main", Replace "readln(x)" with "x=Convert.ToInt32(Console.RadLine())" ("x" must be any other identifier): up to 8 points.

Eliminate "var" and replace "x: integer" with "int x" (but "x" must be any other identifier): up to 9 points. Give a proper format to "for": up to 10 points.

Create a compilable Java source from the previous Pascal source and similar ones: up to 11 points.

Source Code:

package PascalToCSharp;
import java.util.*;

public class Main
	public static void main(String[] args)
		System.out.print("Enter name file: ");
		String fileName = new Scanner(;

		if ((new
		{ filePascal = new; filePascalBufferedReader = new; fileCSharp = new, fileName.length() - 3) + "cs");
			String line;
				line = filePascalBufferedReader.readLine();
				if (line != null)
					line = line.replace("writeLn", "Console.WriteLine");
					line = line.replace(" = ", "==");
					line = line.replace(" :=", "=");
					line = line.replace("'", "\"");
					line = line.replace("begin", "{");
					line = line.replace("end;", "}");
					line = line.replace("end.", "}");
					line = line.replace("end", "}");

					if ((line.contains("program ")) && (line.substring(line.length() - 1).equals(";")))
						line = line.replace("program ", "class ");
						line = line.replace(";", "\n{\n static void Main()\n{");

					if (line.contains("readLn("))
						line = line.replace("readLn(", "");
						line = line.replace(");", "");
						line += " = Convert.ToInt32(Console.RadLine());";

					line = line.replace("var", "");
					if (line.contains(": integer;"))
						line = line.replace(": integer;", "");
						line = "int " + line.trim() + ";";

					/* if ((line.Contains("for ")) &&
					    (line.Contains(" to ")) && 
					    (line.Contains(" do ")))
					     line = line.Replace("for ", "for (");
					     line = line.Replace(" to", "");
					     line = "int " + line.Trim() + ";";

					fileCSharp.write(line + System.lineSeparator());
			} while (line != null);
Exercisey 8.15

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