Encrypter - Online encryptor to protect your information

Encrypter is the perfect solution to protect your information online. Whether you're sending confidential messages or securing your information, Encrypter encrypts your data so that only you and the people you want to share them can access them. The online encryptor is easy to use and offers a most reliable protection for your personal data. Forget worrying about access access to your personal data, use Encrypter to protect your privacy and security online today.


Protect your information with Encrypter - Safe online encryption/decryption and easy to use


To maintain greater privacy, avoid sending the password over the same communication channel. It is recommended to send the password through another communication channel.

Encrypter uses the class C# Class Encrypter of the C# programming course. Here you can see the code of the most important functions inside Encrypter. Encrypt & Decrypt. see the class now

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