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Database query


Create a program to display the data about books which your previous program has stored.

 Example Code

package ReadSQL;
public class Main
	static void main(String[] args)

		SQLiteConnection conexion = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=ejemplo01.sqlite;" + " Version=3; New=False; Compress=True;");


		String consulta = "select * from books";
		SQLiteCommand cmd = new SQLiteCommand(consulta, conexion);
		SQLiteDataReader datos = cmd.ExecuteReader();

		while (datos.Read())
			String name = String.valueOf(datos[0]);
			String autor = String.valueOf(datos[1]);
			String genre = String.valueOf(datos[2]);
			String summary = String.valueOf(datos[3]);

			System.out.printf("Name: %1$s," + " Autor: %2$s, Genre: %3$s, Summary: %4$s" + "\r\n", name, autor, genre, summary);


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