Get started C# Programming Course

 To practice and learn the C# exercises, some requirements are necessary. Below I detail these requirements so that you can start practicing the C# exercises

Quick Start

Before you begin you will need to have Visual Studio installed. Since we are going to learn in a programming language (C#) developed by Microsoft.

  1. Download and Install Visual Studio from Microsoft

The Community version is free

Get started - Practice C# Exercises

You will need to have at least this module (.NET Desktop development) installed.

Get started - Practice C# Exercises

I already have Visual Studio installed correctly

  1. Open Visual Studio and create a new project. Like the picture.

  2. Click next and save the project. Make sure you are going to use "Framework 4.8"

Congratulations! You already have your first project in Visual Studio.

Get started - Practice C# Exercises

You are now ready to start practicing C# exercises. Remember the steps to follow.

Example C# Exercise. Sum two numbers

Below I indicate some C# exercises so that you can interpret the code and start practicing C# exercises

If you notice in the code of the C# exercise there is a line... Console.Read() and in the code of the examples there is not. Place this line of C# code at the end of each C# exercise. The program will not close.

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